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Little Known Ways to Enjoy Jakarta’s Nightlife 
2015-07-29 11:20:23
Jakarta is known to be the largest Islam country in the world and the fourth most populous despite its archipelagic demography. Despite the strict culture, it has the one of the most vibrant nightlife in the Asia Pacific ...続きを読む
Things to Do in Indonesia Before You Die 
2015-07-21 12:12:05
Indonesia remains to be the world’s most populous island country in the world and the world’s largest archipelago with 17,800 islands in its territory. It is no wonder why there are a lot of things to do in this coun ...続きを読む
Where to Go to in Jakarta for 48 Hours 
2015-07-15 14:54:21 Ever felt like going out of the country but you only have the weekends free? If you think 48 hrs. is too short to travel and exper ...続きを読む
Where to Go to in Jakarta for 48 Hours 
2015-07-15 14:54:04 Ever felt like going out of the country but you only have the weekends free? If you think 48 hrs. is too short to travel and exper ...続きを読む
Book Review: China and the Overseas Chinese 
2015-06-15 09:53:04
In every country and every city, there will always be a China town. These streets are not only famous for its Chinese people and food (which is obvious, needless to say) but also of its loud atmosphere and tradition and ...続きを読む
Traveling Jakarta 
2015-06-08 17:49:15
Being in Jakarta, you have to stay a week or two to fully understand and see the whole of the city. Despite it being one of the buzzing busy streets in Indonesia, there are also a lot of sights to visit to experience t ...続きを読む
If I Have 2 Weeks Spent Traveling South East Asia 
2015-05-04 11:31:55
South East Asia has a lot of tourist spots that an allotted time of two weeks will definitely be very tight for you to experience it all. Testing the thought itself, Weshill Consulting Travel and Tours had packed up and ...続きを読む
The Art of Relaxation according to The Palm Tree Resort 
2015-05-02 14:37:30
Humans, in general, have come to that point when everything they do can be analyzed and viewed from many perspectives until they become satisfied with the whole outcome. Only then can they say a thing is worth doing over ...続きを読む
Wild Orchid Resort Subic: Your Gateway to Exciting Subic Bay 
2015-04-29 17:54:36
Whether you kick-off from Manila or Angeles City, Subic Bay is within reach in a few hours’ drive through relaxing and invigorating countryside scenery. For many, traversing SCTEX, one of the most modern and well-desig ...続きを読む
Once on a Foreign Land 
2015-04-29 12:41:08
When staying in a foreign land, there are a lot of things to be worried about. Of course, you are out of your comfort zone and if you have a daily routine that your follow, it would be much worse. Also, difference in lan ...続きを読む
The Palm Tree Resort: A Surprising Vacation within Your Reach 
2015-04-24 18:19:27
Everyone expects to spend a vacation and have a free-rolling time and come home refreshed and lugging a bunch of memories for another year or more. Of course, not to mention a ton of selfies with the tigers or the elepha ...続きを読む
Micron Associates Travel Guide: What NOT to pack 
2015-04-22 15:16:32
I'm sure you were convinced of the need to bring that pair of boots, but frankly, you can't find the need for it now that you've arrived at the beach. Then comes the cringe-inducing question: "Now, why on earth ...続きを読む
Wild Orchid Resort Subic: Diversions in Diversity 
2015-04-15 17:42:53
Whether one’s idea of vacationing is merely lazing on a pool under the sun and feeling the wind and water caress your body, playing rounds of billiards with friends or merely listening to your favorite music in a bar, ...続きを読む
Wild Orchid Subic: Rediscovering the Exciting Tropical Life 
2015-04-06 18:30:34
Subic is popularly known for its many diverse attractions – from quiet, restful beaches to educational treks through luscious jungles to exciting adventures with wild animals and sea life to cultural events featuring t ...続きを読む
Best Bite on the Best Beaches 
2015-03-19 12:58:09
Asia is the best place to go if you are into islands and beaches. With its strategic location surrounded by main waters, oceans and seas, Asia is home to thousands of beaches. Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours in ...続きを読む
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