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social media accounts associated with top ten brands are fraudulent 
2017-02-25 10:09:43
Online Security Fake brand social media accounts are on the rise according to a study into the shape of the industry from Proofpoint. From April through June 2016, the 10 top brands across different industries ...続きを読む
A shoe e-retailer takes steps to improve its fraud detection by Online Security 
2017-01-21 10:42:28
Fast-growing Schutz Shoes upgrades its fraud detection software to slash manual reviews and improve order processing. Online orders were flowing into shoe e-retailer Schutz Shoes, the U.S. division of Brazilian-base ...続きを読む
Online Security: Dumb WhatsApp Scam Spreads Malware - Beware 
2017-01-18 14:58:01
Dumb WhatsApp Scam Spreads Malware, Touting 'Free Internet' Without Wi-Fi: Beware A pretty dumb WhatsApp scam is making rounds in chain mail form, promising "free internet" without Wi-Fi on an invite-only basis. ...続きを読む
Fighting Online Fraud Through eDNA by Online Security 
2017-01-12 14:37:43
Long ago, a cartoon ran in The New Yorker, showing a canine seated at a desktop computer. “On the internet,” ran the caption, “nobody knows you’re a dog.” The same premise holds true today and poses a knot ...続きを読む
Flash Player Security Flaws Used in Most Exploit Kits, Security Research Shows 
2016-12-27 14:51:46
Flash Player continues to put computers across the world at risk due to its vulnerabilities and a new research conducted by RecordedFuture shows that cybercriminals are still looking for security flaws in Adobe’s solut ...続きを読む
Cyber crime: How companies are hit by email scams 
2016-12-14 12:51:28
Fraudsters are using clever impersonation techniques to siphon millions from unprotected businesses When Keith McMurtry, corporate controller of Scoular, a 124-year-old US grain-trading and storage company, was aske ...続きを読む
Online Security: Online gaming world leader turns to Cambridge fraud-busting technology 
2016-11-25 17:01:05
An international online gaming platform is leveraging technology from Cambridge based Featurespace to improve player protection from real-time fraud attack. The collaboration will see Featurespace’s ARIC™ platfo ...続きを読む
Wind - measuring Lidar 
2016-11-16 19:11:52
University of Science & Technology China professor Dou Xiankang research group Xia Haiyun and academician China Academy of Sciences Research Group Pan Jianwei Zhang Qiang, after three years of cooperation, for the first ...続きを読む
Apple urges iPhone users to update after powerful cyberweapon is found by Online Security 
2016-11-10 12:32:53
SAN FRANCISCO – Apple on Friday urged iPhone owners to install a security update after a sophisticated attack on an Emirati dissident exposed vulnerabilities targeted by malware dealers. Researchers at the Lookout m ...続きを読む
What’s Behind Google’s Secretive Ad-Blocking Policy by Online Security 
2016-11-05 16:14:22
When Google decided in May to stop accepting online ads for short-term, ultra-high-cost personal loans known as payday loans, some people wondered whether the company was acting more like a publisher exercising editorial ...続きを読む
19% of social media accounts associated with top ten brands are fraudulent, says study 
2016-10-22 14:46:49
Fake brand social media accounts are on the rise according to a study into the shape of the industry from Proofpoint. From April through June 2016, the 10 top brands across different industries were identified and a ...続きを読む
Online Security: These Are Today\'s Top 8 Cyber-Crime Trends According to Europol 
2016-10-14 10:32:24
In its Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) report released today, Europol has detailed today's top 8 most prevalent cybercrime trends, for which investigators have seen a rise in detected incidents since ...続きを読む
Fraud Labs Pro - Fraud Detection Solutions: What is malware exploit validation? 
2016-09-21 10:28:12
Hackers never stop to steal. They tend to create new tricks and spread it across the network to infect private computers. These, are called Trojan horse or malware. There are millions machines infected by malware o ...続きを読む
Heimdal Security Company: Security Alert - New and Cheap Stampado Ransomware for Sale on the Dark We 
2016-09-14 12:10:24
The ransomware market is booming and evidence to this is, unfortunately, abundant. And because cryptoware is such a big segment of the malware economy, malware creators have to constantly release new “products” ...続きを読む
Metropolitan Wireless International: Choose wireless solutions for your business 
2016-07-14 14:55:20
The birth of wireless internet marks the beginning of a stupendous change in the arena of business. From your personal to your professional life, it has greatly changed your lifestyle. Better known as Wi-Fi, it has been ...続きを読む
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