Eating in Galveston over Spring Break? Check out these restaurant inspections first Business

Benno's on the Beach, 1200 Seawall Blvd.Feb. 14 - 29 demerits Inspection highlights:
Inadequate sink or toilet facilities
Garbage improperly disposed
Person in charge not able to perform duties of certified food manager
Improper employee hygiene practices
Food contact surfaces not clean and sanitized
Potential for cross-contamination
Thermometers not accessible/accurate
Golden Corral, 6200 Seawall Blvd.Oct. 5, 2016 - 27 demeritsInspection highlights:
Garbage improperly disposed
Inadequate handwashing facilities
Evidence of insect, rodent or other animal contamination
Improper employee hygiene practices
Food contact surfaces not clean and sanitized

Primos Cafe, 6701 Stewart RoadFeb. 13 - 20 demeritsInspection highlights:
Food or non-food contact surfaces not cleanable
Bare-hand contact with ready to eat food without approved alternate method
Premises not maintained
Garbage improperly disposed
Wiping cloths improperly used or stored
Inadquate sink or toilet facilities

When you stop for a bite after hitting the Galveston beaches, are you getting more on your plate than you bargained for?
In these recent restaurant inspections the Galveston County Health Department found violations you might want to consider before sitting down for a meal.
ROACHES IN FOOD: Houston inspectors hit these restaurants hard
Some restaurants had evidence of contamination from insects, rodents or other animals. Other places lacked adequate places for employees to wash their hands, and some inspectors found food surfaces that were not properly cleaned and sanitized.

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