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TAXI FARE Kanto Transportation Office Permission 2014/3/26

Fare Surcharge & Discount

  • Discounts cannot be combined.
  • *Proof of age (over 65???) for seniors discount required.

- It isn't possible to do the use of the disabled person discount and the respect for the old discount.
- As for the respect for the old discount, the show of the document that the age which the official facilities issues can be confirmed and so on becomes necessary.
- There is an other time system fare, too.
- As for the wireless allocation, a car for pick-up fee is taken.
- ( Origin of the Kanto Land Transport Bureau guide )
- The maximum allowed limit is 640 yen.
- As for the wireless allocation, it doesn't adopt the wireless wait fee but we wait for it at the fare where will be to the time after arrival ( being after the elapse from 5 minutes ) to ( 5 minutes when waiting ).
- For details on flat fares to and from Narita and Haneda airports

Taxi Rate Calculator

This is a taxi fare simulation( created using the Google Maps route search function.

Enter your point of departure, destination, and transit points to calculate the distance, time required, and Tokyo MK Taxi( ) meter fare for your trip.

  • Caution: The information displayed (route, distance, time required, and meter fare) is only an estimate, and cannot be guaranteed.
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