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BlackBerry is not what it used to be and many people have decided to switch their old BB to a new iPhone. Since BlackBerry and iPhone are two very different phone with separate operating systems, transfer of contacts can be intimidating if you haven't done it before.

In this tutorial, I demonstrate thee methods to transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone.

Transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone via your PC/Mac and BlackBerry Desktop Manager

If you would like to use your PC or Mac computer as a transfer vector for your BlackBerry contacts to iPhone, use the free BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Note: The below method requires you to sync your iPhone with iTunes. It is not recommended to sync the iPhone with iTunes, if you never synced the iDevice on that computer, as you risk your original iPhone contents being lost. To avoid syncing the iPhone with iTunes and still transfer the BlackBerry contacts, please use the transfer method outlined here instead:

1. Download the BlackBerry Desktop Manager from the following page:

2. Once you download the software, run it on your computer and connect the BlackBerry. Note BlackBerry Desktop Software only works for BlackBerry phones running BlackBerry OS version before v10 such as the BlackBerry Bold. If you have a different BlackBerry running BlackBerry 10 OS and above, use the second solution below.

3. Click on "Organizer" on the left and then click "Configure" next to "Contacts"

4. From the newly-opened configuration window, set the Sync direction to "One way to your computer only" and make sure to select "Microsoft Outlook" or "Windows Contacts" (if you don't have Outlook on your computer) next to Contacts account.

5. Click on the "Sync Organizer" button at the bottom

The BlackBerry contacts are now transferred to your computer under the default Windows Contacts location (C:/UserName/Contacts) or Outlook.

6. Next, you need to use iTunes in order to sync the Outlook. Download iTunes from the following page:

7. Run iTunes and connect the iPhone. Click on the iPhone once it appears in iTunes

8. Click on the "Info" tab

9. Ensure the box next to "Sync contacts with" is checked. From the drop-down menu select "Outlook" or "Windows contacts" depending on where you exported the BlackBerry contacts

10. That's all - the BlackBerry contacts are not successfully transferred to your iPhone.

Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry Z10 or newer to iPhone via

Unfortunately, if you have a newer BlackBerry 10 smartphone such as the touchscreen Z10, you will not be able to use the BlackBerry Desktop Software described in the above method to transfer the contacts.

Instead, to trasnfer Z10 contacts to iPhone, use a small free app available in the BlackBerry World called IntouchAppp Contacts. You can download the app directly to your BlackBerry 10 phone by following the below link:

1. Once you download the app on the BlackBerry, run it. You need to set up an account in order to transfer the contacts

2. The app will now upload your BlackBerry contacts to an online server

3. On the iPhone, install the same app from the App Store:

4. Log in with your username and password and retrieve all your BlackBerry contact data.

These were some useful solutions to move BlackBerry contacts to iPhone.
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