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Many travel guides has been written for women or single ladies about travelling alone in Europe but special articles and advices for single men are a bit ignored. But as much as women has special needs and precautions needed while travelling, men can sometimes encounter bump into circumstances not experienced by female counterparts.
Maybe the main concern and major expense of an alone traveler is the overnight accommodation. Added to the loneliness of a single traveler is that major hotels often charge the same single or double occupancy. You need not to worry about this when travelling in Europe because European cities are blessed with variety of accommodation types. For single travelers, older hotels offer small rooms perfect for alone traveler. Breakfast is also inclusive to many of these hotels. The best part is, shared tables make it trouble-free to start chatting with fellow travelers may he be single or couples. If one prefer to have a cheaper accommodation, single men may choose to stay at YMCA or a hostel. Most offer both dormitory and single accommodation. The best thing about common sitting areas is that they offer camaraderie, and then eventually single men often pick up a dinner partner or tips on the next day’s museum outing.
If accommodation is the most expensive, the most feared on the other hand is dining. Yes, perhaps the terror of single travelers is where to eat. Most of the single travelers shun from eating alone at restaurants but there are many alternatives. Small bottle of wine, a small loaf of bread and cheese purchased at a local shop is served in a Paris lunch. You can also try to mingle with the locals and eat on the park benches and enjoy eating while you take pleasure of the surrounding activity, most single men frequently do the same. You must be able to enjoy restaurants as well, it should be off your to visit list most especially in Europe. Single men should target busy restaurants and not to avoid them. Singles are welcome in any popular, mid-range restaurants in Germany and Italy. Contrasting to other countries like U.S., restaurant hosts simply seat single men with another patron, resulting in a dinner conversation.

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