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To die for scenic reefs in Red or the South China Sea is dying; pretty fishes and panoramiccolors of soft and hard corals are now down to a complex ecology similar to tropical forestecosystems. Compare to the microorganisms that makes the whole thing more tremendous indoing all the destruction, the predators and consumers, the producer algae and the tinyinvertebrates mean nothing.Catalina Reyes of CoECRS. (Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies) and the University ofQueensland has published her work alongside 4 colleagues, on the bacteria, fungi and algaethat live in this most complex marine ecosystem.The change in this ecosystem recently is because of our overproduction. Oceans now are Colalike, the CO2 we made over the last century or two has made the sea water to feel like one. Asto Catalina’s research, the acid has effects and that are clearly identifies in the micro-world ofcorals. She links it all up and explained, “So fish, turtles, sharks, lobsters and other reeforganisms may lose their homes, threatening coral reef biodiversity and the livelihoods of tensof millions of people.” All reefs, molluscs and others are basically made up of Calciumcarbonate, accepted as true to hard corals as well. Due to different reasons erosion of the reefis just a normal phenomenon but at present the erosion has become excessive that it destroysthe reefs worldwide at a really disturbing rate. [...]
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