blackhawk mines-Outdoor Adventures in Thailand 旅行

Do I have to tell you why Thailand, well then let me give you reasons why you of all countries will enjoy this country if you love outdoors!
Have you tried caving, if not then try it in Thailand. Get inside of Thailand literally by exploring ancient caves and tremendous caverns like those in the Pang Mapha District of the Mae Hong Son Province. Dare and see the underground and discover wildlife, history and geology, it’s a caving venture you will never forget. Caves like Cave Lodge have expert guides. Expert guides will escort you so you need not to worry, they will lead you through geologic labyrinths, vertical caves and collapsed caves. For additional thrill and blood rushing, your journey comes along with forest hikes or rafting to see even more of the Thai landscape.
For animal lover and wild life enthusiasts out there, we are sure that you will enjoy Jungle Trekking in the wilds of Thailand by hitting the unmarked trails. To make the most out of your trip, try at least a 3-day trek to see mountain ridges, rainforests and experience camping in the beautiful Thai wilderness.
Elephant Riding, sounds like fun, yes it is! This will be a whole new experience that you shouldn’t ever miss, taking an elephant ride through local Thai villages and surrounding forests. Miss it and it will feel like you have never gone to Thailand at all.

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