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It all started as an innocent curiosity when most adolescents like to try and spend free time playing video games but the curiosity for some leads to addiction. The of a lamb’s tail, friends, family, school, and even personal hygiene are disregarded because almost every moment is spent playing the game.
Like any other addiction, video game or “gaming” addiction has many side of the story. Well, video games are really designed to be addictive, but not in a clinical meaning of the word addictive but rather game designers are constantly on process and finding for ways to make their games extra interesting and increase the amount of time people will spend playing them.
The games are designed to be hard enough on purpose just to add some spice on it and make it extra challenging. Then they will allow gamers achieve small accomplishments that induce them to keep playing. These small wins draw the gamers from playing more and keep on going. here are a number of hooks that are built into games with the intent of making them addictive.
The High Score, this is one of the most easily identifiable hooks. Trying to beat someone else’s high score or even their own is the most familiar hooks in whatever gaming. This serves as quite an achievement for the gamers.
Beating the Game is a hook that isn’t used in online role-playing games, but is present in all but every gaming system. The longing to win against the game is fed as a player “levels up,” or uncovers the next hidden clue.
Role-playing games tolerate players to do more than just play. The most fun part is that they get to actually create the characters in the game and go on board on an adventure that’s to some extent only one of its kind to that character. As a result, there’s an emotional attachment to the character. Plus the whole story makes it harder to discontinue playing.
Discovery is another hook in a game. The exploration or discovery tactic is most often used in role-playing games. Exploring imaginary worlds make it very interesting and extremely compelling.
Relationships, is the primary hook in online gaming because on line role-playing games allow people to build relationships with other players. These may be the place that they feel accepted which can lead them from drawing them back again and again to gaming.
The deliberations about this have become a worldwide issue and a serious issue too. The rage continues as per gaming addiction is a diagnosable disorder, the behavior undeniably exists. The arrangement of intentional programming by designers and the tendency some teens have to addictive behavior means this is a real issue that parents, teachers, and friends should be aware of and take action to prevent. The better and first and foremost solution is up to the parents and how they will discipline their children.This is serious matter that needs a serious solution.

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